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    Welcome to Brunel Hive, and welcome to BEES,
    the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at Brunel University London


    BEES brings together all the key resources which entrepreneurs, managers and their stakeholders need to create and grow their businesses. Brunel Hive is the business engagement resource at Brunel Business School, and delivers Brunel’s mission of ‘Engaged Scholarship’ through its SME and industry partnerships, research collaborations and commercialisation, and active executive learning programmes. Brunel University London is a university for a changing world. In a fast-paced global marketplace, Brunel Hive is pro-active in its approach to business startups, financing and growth, enabling academic researchers to work hand-in-hand with local and international businesses, both to address challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities at home and abroad. In summary, Brunel Hive is a global, one-stop shop for value creators across Brunel, London and beyond.

    We invite you to explore Brunel Hive. Participate in the Brunel Go-for-Growth programme. Join Brunel as an Entrepreneur or Executive in Residence. Experience exponential growth through the Digital Transformation Management programme. Support our Business Growth Fund. With our Executives in Residence coming from corporations such as Tata Consultancy, Oracle, Google, Go Daddy, Goldman Sachs and Ogilvy, we are well-placed to help you drive your mission. Whichever way you choose to engage with us, you can be sure we are ready and waiting to take your business to the next level.

    Engage with Brunel Hive - Get Set for Take-off!

    Dr. Geraldine Cohen
    Brunel Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (BEES)

    "In a rapidly-changing world, our mission remains clear: focus on enabling the growth of your business, by working closely with you to explore new markets, technologies and opportunities globally."

    Professor Jane Hendy
    Head of Brunel Business School