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    Access to capital accelerates innovative research, sustainable value creation and business growth. Facilitating this access is central to our mission of Engaged Scholarship.

    The BEES Growth Fund helps to drive entrepreneurship at Brunel University London. In association with our highly-successful business programmes, including Business Life, the fund is critical in facilitating value creation by students from diverse backgrounds. Critically, the fund provides support for students to test their ideas, develop prototypes, and build viable and sustainable business plans.

    Whilst the BEES Growth Fund is currently financed by Brunel, we very much welcome collaborations and contributions from industry partners. As the entrepreneurship community across Brunel continues to grow rapidly, the next five years will be a defining period for the fund. We look forward to partnership ideas from financial and other institutions to take this important initiative to the next level.


    "In a rapidly-changing world, our mission remains clear: focus on enabling the growth of your business, by working closely with you to explore new markets, technologies and opportunities globally."

    Professor Jane Hendy
    Head of Brunel Business School