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    Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Brunel. Across all our disciplines, from business to sport and engineering, our focus is on nurturing new ideas to make them market-ready.


    Project example

    Astudio is an award winning architectural practice which designs buildings with a low carbon footprint. Co-Innovate offered assistance in developing the roadmap for building product development capacity and growth by providing the link with the right combination of skills, knowledge and resources. "Two of Brunel final year undergraduate Business students worked along with two Design students generating ideas, products and market solutions of real value to the company. We have been fully supported throughout by Co-Innovate and hope to see this tripartite collaboration continue"


    Examples of Co-Innovate BBS-SME Collaborative Projects

    • Developing a business case for the domestic incorporation of renewable energy technologies.
    • Marketing research and competitor analysis for domestic scale.
    • Anaerobic Digestion.
    • Developing an investment model for use in Higher education and non-traditional segment investment opportunities.
    • Researching and determining E-Bike numbers for a new E-Bike hire scheme proposed for Oxford.
    • Market opportunity assessment for a child buggy company.
    • Marketing campaign for a new ice cream concept cafe in Egham.
    • Developing a business case for commercialising a Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems technology
    • Trend Research - Forecasting global trends and implications for new products and services
    • Development of commercialisation strategy of a new home automation solution

    "In a rapidly-changing world, our mission remains clear: focus on enabling the growth of your business, by working closely with you to explore new markets, technologies and opportunities globally."

    Professor Jane Hendy
    Head of Brunel Business School