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    Entrepreneurship at Brunel is about bold vision, inspirational teaching, and real-life experiences. Our entrepreneurs and executives in residence bring all three together.

    Entrepreneurs and Executives in Residence (EIR) are a fundamental part of our business development offering at Brunel University London. The value creation journey can seem daunting at times. The ‘long and winding’ process presents unique challenges at each major turn. Perseverance and resilience are key, so are mentoring, coaching and any form of support the value creator can get.

    Drawn from across several industry sectors, Brunel EIRs enable us to make the innovation and entrepreneurship process less challenging for our students and client companies. We value their commitment to sharing their deep sector knowledge and real life experiences with Brunel entrepreneurs. Through masterclasses, one-to-one sessions, and webinars, their impact is clear.

    Our EIRs also make significant contributions to programme design, teaching practices, and research collaborations. In addition to enabling us build critical links with industry, our EIR group is also an important forum for industry professionals to network.

    We welcome all EIRs joining the Brunel network this year, and look forward to many successful years ahead.


    "In a rapidly-changing world, our mission remains clear: focus on enabling the growth of your business, by working closely with you to explore new markets, technologies and opportunities globally."

    Professor Jane Hendy
    Head of Brunel Business School