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    Go for Growth is a specialist SME development programme co-designed by SMEs, industry leaders and leading academics.


    For SMEs thinking of taking their businesses to the next level, this is a fresh and practical alternative to executive education programmes on the market today.

    Go for Growth is unique in many ways. The most striking difference is that it draws heavily on peer action learning, a revolution in making learning impactful in today’s fast-paced world. It also draws on the expertise of experienced team coaches, who bring entrepreneurial opportunities into sharp focus for participants. Underpinned by solid research evidence, the programme will take participants through five key sessions, all carefully structured to address today’s real business challenges, and perhaps more importantly, the emerging opportunities on the global business landscape.

    Bringing all of this together is the programme’s strong focus on the impact of business on society. As the Global 2030 Sustainable Development Goals begin to appear over the horizon, London’s SMEs have a strong role to play in their implementation.

    Go for Growth empowers business leaders to take advantage of opportunities in the impact space, both locally and globally. From programme design, through to development and delivery, we have made sure participants will derive maximum value from their investment in Go for Growth.

    We look forward to working with you!

    "In a rapidly-changing world, our mission remains clear: focus on enabling the growth of your business, by working closely with you to explore new markets, technologies and opportunities globally."

    Professor Jane Hendy
    Head of Brunel Business School